G9 Course Prediction & Recommendation

This is a simple tool for Grade 9 students to predict your score in the future based on your current grades

1. Enter your current grade in each subject

2. Click the button

3. The result will be shown below

Please Notice that this project is only a demo, the empty data will automaticlly transfered to average.

Due to that courses changes every year, try to input your course to the most similiar one provided in the chart.


The result will note be entirely accurate , you should only use this as a refrence

If you are interested to the theory of this model, please read this paper

Course Grade
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Reasons That Contributes to the Strangeness of Predicted Grades

1. The model's predictions may not be entirely accurate as it is trained on data from the previous year. Factors such as changes in curriculum, teaching methods, or individual student performance can influence the actual grades.

2. It's important to consider that teachers have the discretion to assign grades, and in some cases, they may choose to give higher grades to all students. This can create a perception that the course is easier than it actually is.

3. It's possible that there may be limited data available for specific grade 10 courses, such as when no students who took AP Physics 2 have previously chosen IGCSE Math and Combined Science. This lack of data can impact the model's ability to accurately predict grades for such combinations.

4. Since some grade 10 courses are relatively difficult , it's likely that only a small number of students have taken it so far. Limited data from previous students can affect the model's predictions, making them less reliable.

5. It's important to recognize that the model has many limitations. Ask your college counselor or teacher for advice on course selection.

Top 10 Courses that You may do well on: Predicted Score
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